Discover How to Stop Dogs from Barking

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Discover How to Stop Dogs from Barking

by Gerry Restrivera

Although dogs are domesticated now, by nature they are still wild and they exhibit behaviors that sometimes very annoying like excessive barking. Dog barks to communicate and get the attention of people and other animals but when it becomes excessive and uncontrollable, it?s a constant annoyance and hard to handle if you don?t know the right techniques to stop dogs from barking.

Before trying to stop dogs from barking, you must understand the reason why dogs bark. There are many reasons behind the excessive barking and some of these include loneliness, boredom, medical problems, fear or they just merely seeking attention from you.

Some dogs barks excessively because they want you to take notice of them. When they are left alone and get bored and lonely, they do things that will get your attention even if it irritates you and the neighbors.

If your dog suddenly exhibit bad behaviors like excessive barking for no apparent reason, your dog might need a medical attention. He must be in pain or there are other discomforts bothering him.

You need to determine the reasons for the excessive barking before trying to stop dogs from barking. If you are sure that there is no medical condition that you need to be concern then you might consider the following techniques to stop dogs from barking.

To stop dogs from barking, train your dog to listen to you when you say ?stop barking? and be consistent. Sometimes dogs don?t know that excessive barking annoys people. If your dog barks to send alarms or signals to get your attention about something, let him know that you recognize his barks or signals and praise him for the alarm and then tell him to ?stop barking?. Be consistent until he learns the habit that barking is just to communicate and he needs to stop when you told him so.

In his quiet time offer treats and continue praising him to let him know that being quiet when he needs to be quiet pleases you. Your dog likes to please you, so it will continue doing something habitually and repeatedly if it knows that you are happy with it.

If the barking continues while you are training him to stop barking, make sure to let him know that you did not like his behavior. Reprimand and punish him if needed to stop dogs from barking. But do not hurt your dog. Dogs have a tendency to be violent when abused.

Dogs are pack animals and don?t like to be alone, give enough time to your dog. Make him feel that he is part of the family. They also need to socialize with people and other animals. Take him for a walk daily or once a week to a dog park, this will stop dogs from barking if they feel loved and this will eliminate their boredom and fear.

If you have tried everything and found no success to stop dogs from barking, do not lose hope, it only means you need more effective techniques to transform your dog?s behavior. Did you know that you can put an end to the stress and annoyance of your dog?s behavior problems by using techniques that will give you immediate results? Discover dog obedience training secrets to stop your dog?s behavior problems visit Dog Obedience Training at Dogs' Corner

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