Discover How to Stop Dogs from Chewing

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Discover How to Stop Dogs from Chewing

by Gerry Restrivera

Are you getting annoyed by the destructive chewing behavior of your dog? Do you want your puppy or dog to stop chewing shoes, mats, carpets, clothing, furniture and anything he can reach? Dogs don?t have to be angry to do this destructive chewing they do this because this is their natural behavior as dogs. Chewing is part of puppies development and a natural behavior of dogs. To stop dogs from chewing anything around the house, dog owners must be aware of their habits and behavior.

Dogs unnecessary chewing is the result of boredom, loneliness, curiosity, hunger and dental problems. For puppies teething can also be added in the main reasons why they chew. To stop dogs from chewing you must understand why dogs chew.

For dental problems, dogs keep chewing anything to relieve gum pains. You may observe your dog if they have dental problem when they hesitate to eat even if they are hungry. You may also put attention on how they chew their food. If they always chew on one side of the mouth, your dog might have dental problems. Bad breath and tartar accumulation on the teeth and gums are some of the symptoms of dental problem. It?s a good thing for dogs to be examined by a veterinarian to evaluate dental problems and stop dogs from chewing the wrong things. For puppies with teething problem, you may give safe chew toys to encourage chewing on toys and stop dogs from chewing anything around the house.

Boredom stimulates dogs to chew and if you know how to give your dog the needed attention, destructive chewing can be avoided. Take your dog for a walk or play ball with him. Give dogs variety of toys to chew and play with to stop dogs from chewing things he is not supposed to chew. You can also give obedience training to learn more techniques to stop dogs chewing problems.

Your dog may have curiosity with the things around your house that?s why he chew anything he can. You can chew proof your house and keep chewable things out of reach of your dog. If you will leave dogs alone without any human supervision, give a nice place for the dogs and toys to play and chew to stop dogs from chewing things around the house.

Give your dogs chewable alternatives like chew toys until training to stop destructive chewing becomes effective. When you are correcting your dogs not to chew anything around the house, encourage dogs to chew his toys and give praise for doing the right thing. Appropriate correction of the bad habits and giving praise can stop dogs from chewing the wrong things.

You can stop dogs from chewing the wrong things if you know the right techniques and strategies to manage your dogs? problems. Proper training for your dog is something that dog owners must learn. While chewing is a natural behavior of dogs it can be well managed to stop dogs from chewing anything around the house.

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