Discover The Top 5 Training Tips for Dog Owners

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Discover The Top 5 Training Tips for Dog Owners

by Lyndon Ricketts

There are many sources of information on the internet in relation to how to train your dog. I have tried to briefly summarize these and compile a simplified article to give a brief overview. Please bear in mind that undertaking a dog training program requires time and patience and will need your full involvement. Here are my 5 key points to successful dog training.

1. Praise
It is of paramount importance that your dog is praised for everything he does right. He will soon learn that the way you speak to him while will indicate whether he has done something right or wrong. Praising cements the bond between the tone of your voice and knowing he has done something right. This is one of the simplest ways of speeding up the training program and quite often on of the most overlooked.

2. Discipline
As well as consistent praise where appropriate, your dog will require some ?telling off? when he has done something wrong. This does not involve hitting the dog in any way! Under no circumstances should your dog be physically punished. The simple answer is the use of a stern voice where appropriate. Use of the words ?stop!? or ?no!? are the most common forms of discipline. ?Stay!? is also a good example of a strict instruction but with a positive outcome if it?s obeyed. The dog will soon learn the difference between a correct or incorrect action by the tone of your voice alone and the promise of a treat! If these simple vocal signals are not used, the dog will take along time to learn the difference between right and wrong.

3. Attention
This is a key element in training your dog. Many people take on a training program in earnest and fail to actually make a point to ensure the dog is paying full attention. The easiest way to do this would be to talk naturally to him and reward him with a small treat. After doing this a few times, the dog will learn that he is able to get a treat easily by listening.

4. Equipment
Use of the correct equipment can aid in your training program. It is essential that you have a suitable collar and lead to train your dog. Usually a 6 foot lead and standard collar would be sufficient, especially if it is a well behaved dog. A more ?lively? dog that needs a little more control may require a training collar which are easily obtained. Also ensure that the collar is the correct size for your dog as its comfort will help in the training program.

5. Consistency
Work regularly with your dog and try a small amount of training every day. Too much in one day will more than likely not work. Try and ensure that your dog understands each part of the training well before moving on to other things.

These are just some of the key elements of dog training. Please use them as a starting ground for a proper training program and you will soon see the vast improvement in your dog?s behavior in a short period of time.

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