Discover a 6 Step Method for Dog Obedience Training

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Discover a 6 Step Method for Dog Obedience Training

by Charleston Peterson

If you're looking for an effective dog obedience, step-by-step training method, you'll find it in this 6 step method. Keep in mind that expert trainers aren't so rigid with this method. As you understand more about your dog, you'll know when you'll have to adjust your training method enough for it to follow you.

Here are the 6 Steps to Easily Train Your Dog for a New Behavior

  1. Choose or shape a behavior
  2. Associate the behavior
  3. Reward your dog for that behavior accomplished
  4. Repeat this process until your dog becomes very familiar with the behavior
  5. Associate the behavior more with verbal commands
  6. Use verbal commands to create the behavior

Learn from Ivan Pavlov

Now if you've studied psychology, you may recall Pavlov. He was very popular for the concept of "classical conditioning" in which he trained a dog to salivate at will. Some of these basic ideas of conditioning can be applied to training your dog.

By choosing or luring your dog towards a certain behavior, you can associate a certain trigger that will allow you dog to recall or perform the desired action. An easy way to do this is by using a clicker. When your dog performs the action, mark it with a click.

Upon completion of the behavior, you can then reward it with something like a doggie treat. It doesn't always have to be food. You can use dog toys or even an environment-such as allowing your dog to go to a place it really enjoys.

Don't Stop! Train Your Dog and Repeat

As you might know, repetition is the key. The more your dog repeats this process along with the click, your dog will be conditioned. You can use a verbal command to stack a trigger on top of that behavior. So as your dog performs an action, use a distinct, but simple verbal command along with it. You may reward your dog as a form of gratification.

Charleston Peterson is an expert dog trainer and specializes in effective methods for dog obedience training. For more information, you can learn how to train a dog from his website.

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