Do You Have Your Dog In The Right Training Class

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Do You Have Your Dog In The Right Training Class

by Jason Beachy

If you are part of an obedience club it is very important to have your dog enrolled in a training class. It is very vital for your dogs education. Your dog will be in contact with other dogs and this will give him the opportunity if he has problems while working under supervision to over come them. By associating with other people who have experience you will be gaining knowledge. Observing them while they are working with their dogs and having a classroom training will prepare both the dog and you the owner to participate in Obedience Trials at the dog shows.

You may find that there are training classes that are held at an obedience club that are sponsored by an independent group. You would find the exception would be privately owned or professional groups. You as a dog owner can also attend classes approved by Education Department of the group you belong to. There are other groups that are also sponsoring dog training programs. This will include humane societies, department of education, community centers, department of recreation and adult education centers.

The participants in the training do not necessarily have to be a member of the organization sponsoring the event to be in the class. There will be fees and other charges that will need to be decided on. Along with that there will be decisions on what courses will be given, how many lessons per course , the day of the week and the hours that will work out the best for the training.

The general public is becoming more educated and open to the subject of dog training and does recognize the positive benefits resulting from these type of activities. Local authorities are being persuaded to allow the use of school gymnasiums, city halls and community centers. You will also find YMCA's, churches and park officials who have made training programs available. There have also been instances of university's allowing the use of campus grounds and riding stables and armories that will open their facilities for use.

When your are training in an indoor facility you will often find that there are disadvantages and restrictions that you must work with. The room should be at least 40 to 50 feet square but these places are difficult to obtain. Try to obtain the largest room you can find but often time the rent for a larger room will be prohibitive. You will be able to overcome most of these restrictions by having your training on the outdoors. You can facilitate a larger group of dogs with plenty of space for you to work with them.

If you are training indoors it is essential that you take in consideration the floor or floor covering in the training room. If the floor is slick or slippery and the owners and their dogs find it difficult to keep their footing you will end up with poor results. If you can afford it you will find that putting down rubber matting will alleviate this problem. You also want to consider the room location. If you can find a room at street level which also has a door opening to the street you will overcome some additional difficulties. Basement or upstairs rooms will make it necessary to use the stairs and inside rooms will often have long corridors.

You will find it a benefit if you can find a room with a balcony or stage. There will be some owners who will be hesitant to take their dogs outside for exercise if there will be a long walk involved. Visitors will be able watch the class from here and the owners will have a place for their dogs when they are not working.

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