Do You Know What is in Your Shelties Food

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Do You Know What is in Your Shelties Food

by Kelly Eden

Trevor is such a joy, but as a puppy I discovered that he had severe food allergies. Around 6 months old he started throwing up after meals, so I took him into our vet where he was allergy tested. The results were shocking...he was "off the charts" for most basic commercial dog food ingredients. Check this out...he can't eat: beef, pork, lamb, venison, duck, rabbit, milk, rice, peanuts and yeast. Ok, what does that leave me? LOL...not a whole lot of options! I learned that I had to read dog food labels...very, very carefully.

While learning about what goes into my dog's food, I also discovered that federal regulations say it's okay for pet food to contain some disturbing ingredients - like crushed bird beaks, chicken feathers and even brains. Yuck!

How can you be sure you're doing the right thing for your own Sheltie? Watch out for by-products. Vets say consumers should look for wholesome, natural ingredients when choosing a pet food and should avoid by-products, synthetic chemicals, unnecessary additives and colorings. Be sure to read the label. For me, learning that "natural ingredients" or "animal by-products" meant it could contain just about any type or part of a animal (they don't have to disclose what animal that is either) so it went back onto the shelf.

One alternative is an all-natural pet food. Natural pet foods like the Wellness Brand go beyond government dictated standards - avoiding by-products - and instead focus on natural ingredients such as real meat, high quality grains and botanical extracts. Their website is informative and clearly shows you what ingredients go into each variety. They even have an "ingredients dictionary" that describes each ingredient they use. Trevor and Toby eat the Fish & Sweet Potato formula. Their coats look fabulous from the fish oil, but most importantly I don't have to cook for my dogs!

Trevor & Toby give Wellness four paws up!

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