Do You Really Know What Mobile Dog Grooming Is All About

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Do You Really Know What Mobile Dog Grooming Is All About

by Fonda Fletcher

*One on one personalized service with no interruptions of answering the phones, checking out other clients while you wait.

*You have your own personalized groomer, there is no guessing on who worked on your dog.

*A quiet relaxed environment for both you and your dog, no barking dogs in the background.

*This service is great for the anxious pet who does not want to leave the comforts of their home.

*With mobile dog grooming your pet can see their home while being groomed, which is an added comfort.

*Your pet is never placed in cages for hours and maybe forgotten about.

*Therefore no cage dryers are ever used which can be loud, hot and detrimental to their life.

Mobile dog grooming is not for everyone! Some pet owners need to leave their dogs all day at the shop while they are at work.

Pricing is typically higher when you use a mobile groomer verses a shop, anything mobile you pay more money for. Dog groomers must charge more for their services than human hair stylists do. Dogs have hair all over their body, face and feet.

Whereas humans only grow hair in one place that needs to be cut, on their head. How many people do you ever see that try to bite, scratch, move around uncontrollably and urinate all while getting their haircut. Sometimes dog grooming is like trying to jog along someone while trying to cut their hair.

What a lot of the new pet owners do not realize when picking a new furry family member is; when they adopt their cute little babies they still have their baby hair. If you choose a thick haired coat you might not know that their hair will be more massive when their adult hair grows in anywhere from 9-12 months of age for the smaller breeds. The larger breeds are usually 2-3 years of age.

Another important factor is how much time, love, money and effort they are personally going to have to invest in this relationship with their new dog. If you adopt a cute puppy such as a Shih Tzu or Lhasa Apso, which are both double coated breeds you must understand they are high maintenance breeds.

If you do not keep up on brushing their hair daily or at least 4-5 times per week, you will have a matted mooch that will end up costing you more money for a shave down. When their hair gets so matted you cant even brush them. You will not be happy with the outcome of this cut either, the coat of hair they once had which was long and full is now all gone. You dog is naked now, not a pretty site to see.

Bad matt's in the dogs hair can cause numerous health problems; clipper burns from the razor getting too hot from slicing through the matt's. Which is very uncomfortable for your dog. Skin infections if the matt's are bad enough to not let the skin breath, you most likely would not be able to see this, since the skin is covered with matted hair.

The worst problem with having to have your dog shaved down, especially if they are used to having longer hair is it can be a humiliating experience for them especially if you draw attention to it. Making statements like; "you look so funny", Yes, they do have feelings too! Have you ever seen them hide under the bed so nobody can see them.

Have your dog groomed on a regular bases. Depending on your dogs habits such as; do they mostly stay outside of the house, when you let them out to play do they like to get into the dirt, trash, etc. If your groomer uses a mild enough ph made especially for dogs they can be bathed more frequently.

The most important factor in finding a Mobile Dog Groomer who should make this a positive memorable experience that your little or big one will not only forget but look forward to future services. Make certain your groomer has the correct positive attitude beforehand.

Ask some important questions, such as; Do you love dogs, do you enjoy your career or is this just another job. Last but not least are they a patient person with animals as well as with people.

Fonda Fletcher, is a professional caring groomer with a lifetime of experience working with dogs. Customer service is her #1 priority, she won't start working with a dog until she knows exactly what is expected of her work wise. Making certain everyone is on the same page of understanding, beforehand not after the work is done and it's too late to make changes.

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