Do You Want Your Dog To Listen To What You Say It Is Easy

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Do You Want Your Dog To Listen To What You Say It Is Easy

by Bhatnagar Sumit

Will it not be great if your dog starts listening to you just like any human being does?

It is not very difficult to make your dog understand your instructions. Once trained, your dog will also learn to respond. Here are a few tips to train your dog to listen.

? Do not repeat the commands again and again hoping that your dog will respond. How will you feel if somebody repeats a speech over and over again and if the speech is being given in a language that you do not even understand?

In case of dogs, the condition is very similar. Repeating commands will not only irritate the innocent creature but will also teach the dog that the commands being given are meaningless. Thus, he will show an indifferent attitude and will take his own sweet time to respond! In the meanwhile, if you give up, it is your mistake.

? There should not be many distractions during training. Do not expect your dog to learn everything in a short time. Have patience! If you can not do that, sit and imagine the situation in which you are asked to learn the matter of five new books within a week.

? Do not bellow commands at your dog. Neither you nor your dog is in the military! So, do not shout. Train quietly and peacefully. A dog can even listen to whispers. In a desperate effort to make your dog listen to you, do not end up in a situation where in your dog turns deaf!

? Try not to talk nonsense while training the dog. It is not the quantity but the quality and clarity of the communication that matters.

? In case your dog does not respond to a cue in a particular situation but does respond to it in some other situation, remove distractions from the new situations and start to train right from step one. Using a food lure briefly in order to get the behavior might be helpful.

? Set your dog up for success. Reinforcement is a must when the dog fails to succeed.

? If you want to reinforce your dog, your rewards should be meaningful. Do not end up giving a treat to a full-up dog.

? Do not train for too long.

? Training should be consistent.

? Be confident and patient. Do not give up.

Bear in mind that if you love and respect your dog, you will get the same from your pet. Trust your dog and he will listen to you.

If your dog does not listen to you even after investing time and effort into training, it is not the dog that is to be blamed. If this happens, you will have to accept the fact that your dog is not interested in you!

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