Does Your Dog Jump Up And Pester Visitors

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Does Your Dog Jump Up And Pester Visitors

by Jo Withey

Does your dog have the annoying habit of jumping up at whoever he sees, whether this is when you are out walking, particularly when he has muddy paws; when guests come to your home, when family members return after a day at school or work, even when tradesmen call? This is a bad habit that and can make life irritating for you and every one else, and it should be tackled immediately.

There are various methods that have been propounded in the past, including ?kneeing? the dog in the chest, which is a trifle unkind and not one that most of your guests would not wish to undertake.

The best way is to totally ?blank? him. This is easy to do and will certainly not offend your guests.

However, it must be total. Give him no attention whatsoever, neither by telling him to ?get off? or pushing him away. Do not speak to him at all ? no recognition ? complete ?blanking?. Just turn your back on him and continue any conversation you were having.

By jumping up he is seeking attention. When he finds he is not getting this attention he will stop.

To get this training to work you must have the co-operation of everybody ? friends, relations - everyone, even people working in your house. The penny will drop and he will learn when his attention is required, i.e., when you call him, not when he decides he wants your attention.

Many owners seem to think that if they do not immediately pet or respond to their dog?s demands, he will cease to like them. This is not the case. A dog will learn that you are the master and not him, and that when you want him you will call him. This is another lesson where he will come when called, which is beneficial to both of you.

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