Does Your Dog Pee Every Time You Arrive Home A Quick Fix To UrineGreeting

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Does Your Dog Pee Every Time You Arrive Home A Quick Fix To UrineGreeting

by Kevin Robinson

Does your dog urinate every time you greet him? And does he splash pea all over the place when confronting other people and other dogs? I call this ?urine-greeting? because it is a behavior characteristic that many dogs display which causes them to literally go pea whenever they are greeted by their owners.

This behavior should be tended to immediately. Not only does it do damage to your house and surface areas from the frequent urination, but more importantly it is a sign that there is something causing your dog to feel high levels of stress and anxiety. As a responsible dog owner, it is your duty to do your best to help alleviate these kind of behavioral symptoms.

Just Ignore Him

Although it may sound cruel, the fastest way to help your dog overcome urine-greeting is to simply ignore them when you arrive home. The greeting home is the most typical time that a dog who has these behavioral characteristics tends to pee. This means that there is something going on that causes your dog to get so nervous and worked up when his master is home that he cannot help but spray all over the place.

As I stated earlier, it may seem difficult for you to practice the habit of coming home and walking right past your dog without giving him a second glance. Trust me, I know how difficult this can be because I had to initiate the same protocol for one of my Chihuahuas. But the truth is that your dog will not perceive the experience in the same manner that you see it. In fact, a certain sense of relief will kick in your dog's mind after only a few minutes of realizing that the standard ritual of greeting and urinating does not have to take place.

Remember, for some reason your dog is feeling that the moment you come home is a very stressful situation and by eradicating the greeting altogether, you have taken away the cause of his anxiety. So keep this in mind as you are attempting to fix his urine-greeting behavior. As you walk into the house and have to ignore your little pup, always remember that you are helping his condition and not hurting his feelings.

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