Does Your Dog Run Your House Instead Of You

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Does Your Dog Run Your House Instead Of You

by Lesa Bolt

Many dogs, without proper guidance (knowing the house rules and understanding and complying with basic obedience commands) will shoot for the stars and try to establish themselves as the leader of the pack. It is this pack mentality-- the dog's natural tendency to try to rise in the ranks, or in some cases,his confusion about just what's expected of him -- that often makes life with our valued and loved pets so difficult. Dogs need a job so they know what you want of them. Because they are pack animals by nature even when trained in basic obedience with always try to push themselves up the ranks in the pack if any leeway is given to them. Just like an employee trying to move up the company ladder. Give them an opportunity to take over and they will pursue the avenue.

When you get your dog you need to set boundaries and limitations. This is just like you would do with your child. We send our children to Kindergarten and expect them to stay in their seat, raise their hand to ask or answer a question and line up to go to lunch and conduct themselves in a respectable fashion with good manners.

Why don't we ask that of our dogs. We let our dogs pull us down the street, jump on people, get on the furniture, demand our attention by expecting petting when they want it and push out the door first.

Yes, you guessed it. That is rude and the dogs know it. You have let them rule your house and you.

In order to stop this you need to start to establish yourself as a pack leader. This is more simple than you think and has nothing to do with being mean to your dog.

You are going to teach them in very black and white circumstances that they must:

  1. Wait to go out the door until you go first.
  2. Always sit on the floor and never on furniture. This shows them in the pack world whoever is the higher animal is a leader.
  3. Never let the dog be in front of you on the walk. They always have to be behind you. Have you ever seen a pack of dogs. The leader is in front and his servants or other members of the pack walk beside or behind him.
  4. Don't take anything personally. Your dog does not and will not love you less for making them have boundaries and limitations. They will actually learn to respect you and will love you more.

Lesa Bolt is a professional dog trainer

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