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Does Your Dog Snore

by Eric Hartwell

Is your dog snoring? Are you among the pet owners that do not allow your dog to sleep in your room because of its snoring?

Dog snoring is not a reason to worry but is sometimes irritating. Sometimes VERY irritating! It is a very common phenomenon in dogs. Dog snoring is mostly caused by a small degree of blockage in the throat of the dog. Obesity, a general reason of snoring in humans, is also to blame for some canine snoring. Certain breeds of dogs are more prone to snoring than the other. The most common breeds that snore more are Pugs, Bulldogs, and Sharpies etc. Breathing patterns can also be seen among dogs. There are breeds, which have heavier breathing while there are dogs that breathe quite lightly. The heavy breathing dogs are more prone to snoring than those who breathe quietly.

The reason for some breeds to snore more is due to their facial construction. The dogs with pushed in faces have smaller air passages that results in difficulty in breathing. Dog breeds with shorter faces require lots of exertion to make best use of their nostrils and airways. It is very similar to the condition if humans being able to utilize only twenty five percent to the nostril passage for breathing. Hence, it takes them more work to breath and they are more susceptible to dog snoring.

One worry with the breeds like Pugs, Bulldogs, Sharpies etc is that sooner or later the windpipe of these dogs might in fact flatten which of course will make it even more difficult for them to breath. There are some vets that are recommending that small insignificant surgery can be done when the dogs are still young that will open the nostrils and improve their breathing. This will not affect the appearance of the dog and will solve the dog snoring problem in many cases.

Dog snoring is not really a health concern but interrupts in dog?s sleeping habits. It leaves the dog irritated and sleepy. Sometimes allergies are a cause of dog snoring, which should be taken care of. Also age factor plays a great role in dog snoring. The older dogs snore more as compared to the younger ones.

There are various reasons that can be the cause of dog snoring apart from genetic and hereditary ones. The most important cause of dog snoring is obstruction in the air passage of the dogs that results in the vibration of certain parts of the throat of the dog. Another cause of dog snoring is some of the allergies that cause blockage in the airways of the dog. Dog snoring can also be the consequence in fat dogs. Like human beings, dogs that are obese are more prone to snoring. If you correct your dog?s weight the snoring should vanish. Sometimes it is found that there is excess tissue in the throat of the dog that causes problems in breathing and results in dog snoring. If the snoring is heavy, it is always advisable to take the dog to veterinary doctor.

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