Dog Aggression Over Toys

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Dog Aggression Over Toys

by Nick Krueger

If your dog growls or snarls at you or another dog over his toys, it would be a good idea to treat this problem immediately. Dogs instinctively mark and defend what they consider their territory. This includes places, items, and people. Your dog may feel threatened when someone invades their instinctive space. A problem like this, though, can become very serious if it is left alone.

A dog will defend anything that it considers to be his. It might also include guarding you, even it means from other dogs in the family. By taking care of your dog?s aggression, you might also be preventing someone else from being the source to which your dog turns aggressive.

Two dogs might keep each other company during their lonely times, but if they constantly fight over toys, objects, or your affection, something will have to be done. Training courses and professional assistance are available if the aggressive tendencies of your dog become more than just a simple misunderstanding and develop into problematic behavior.

It is said that if two dogs are fighting over something, that they should be separated and the item in question should be taken away. This may not be the best solution. If there are no children present, allowing your dogs to figure out who is the actual leader of their small ?pack? might solve some problems. Because dogs are pack animals, they have their own hierarchy to follow. This requires that one of them be dominant. If not, the pack will not be able to survive. Therefore, letting your dogs work out their territorial issues might prevent future scuffles. If the violence becomes too much, you may have to take stronger measures, but at least give them a chance to determine things on there own. If this doesn?t work at the beginning, do not let it progress or keep happening. You?ll have to consider some alternative measures.

Dogs will always claim some territory and probably claim some objects as their own. You should always be dominate, though. Some dogs will try to claim dominance over objects or people that they can?t have. You should teach your dog to give up his toys or territory, at your command. Trust is the key component. Dogs that trust their owners will have less behavioral problems than dogs who do not. Having more than one dog can be great companionship, but there must be an order of dominance to maintain control. Remember, dog aggression over toys, if left alone, can become a much bigger problem. Steps must be taken to avoid any further outbursts.

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