Dog Agility Equipment for Backyard Fun

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Dog Agility Equipment for Backyard Fun

by Brad Carlson

Is your dog bored with you? Do you come home every night and throw the same ole ball? Well, try something new for your good buddy, purchase some dog agility equipment for lots of backyard fun. Agility training and equipment will stimulate your dog's mind and add more of a physical challenge to your dog's body.

For backyard agility fun there is a whole aray of equipment options and selections. If you have a huge yard to play in you could select standard competition size equipment. If your yard is average to small you might select from the "mini" equipment choices. You could select from the mini-dogwalk, mini-teeter, mini-Aframe and mini-tire. Mini equipment is easier to move, costs less than standard size equipment, and normally, easier to train because the dogs safer.

Mini-equipment is sturdy enough for all size dogs, young pups enjoy playing on the obstacles, and because they are lower to the ground safer if they jump off. Railings are often added to the mini-dogwalk for puppies protection. Large dogs can also enjoy the solid mini-equipment.

A contact trainer is fun for backyard playing or training. The contact trainer is a combination of the pause table, one side of a mini-Aframe, and one side of a mini-dogwalk plank. Dogs have great fun running up the planks and sitting on the table.

Don't forget to take time and teach the Table. The Pause Table becomes the "magic" table. Train it and your dogs will eagerly run to the table as their "launching point" for more agility fun. Use the table as a central point, like the center of a clock, to go to and to come from varies locations, distances and directions. Setup other obstacles at the 12 o'clock position, 3 o'clock, 6, and 9 o'clock position. Start with your dog on the table and direct your dog back over the obstacle at 12, come in to the table or go to the 9 o'clock obstacle, and so on. It's a great way to practice threadles, weaves, and serpetines, backs and all your directional commands.

Weaves made from PVC are economical and easy to setup for backyard training. More than any other obstacle weaves do require repetitive practice and are a must to have in order for dogs to successfully learn and complete the set of 6 or 12.

A number of jumps will add variety to any backyard course that you setup. Four to eight jumps enable you to practice jump chutes, grids, jump boxes, or jump circles.

Brad Carlson is a dog trainer at Agility by Carlson. For more training details, visit our website at

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