Dog Agility Training What is it All About

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Dog Agility Training What is it All About

by Graham Grant

Dog agility training is something dogs do happily. They do after all enjoy running, jumping and stretching around. So it is of no surprise that from it roots in England, dog agility training is an activity which has taken off the world over and even something that is enjoyable to watch on the television.

In fact it is probably from watching on tv that most first come across dog agility training events. Here we see dogs run through see saws, tunnels, jumps, hurdles and all manner of other obstacles. Then we would see obedience tests like heeling sitting, staying down, fetching and walking close beside the owner while off the leash. In England there is a show called Crufts where dog agility is a yearly television event. There running along side the crowning of champions of particular breeds or type of dogs, dog agility training tests are always the highlight of the show. Even in America such shows are taking top billing and are also seen on tv on a regular basis.

The allure for any dog owner wanting to take up dog agility training is that it is something anyone can do. Furthermore, as long as they are healthy, your dog does not have to be of any particular age or breed to take part in competitions.

Dog agility training comes in two parts: obstacle training and control training. With obstacles dogs will go up and down an A-frame, walk across a plank or go through a tunnel. Usually dogs will with practice breeze through the obstacle course and really enjoy doing so. Control training on the other hand can be a bit more tricky as you will need to be able to control the dog to tackle the course properly. As not all agility dog training courses are the same this is very important. Off the dog agility training course you must be able to teach your dog to obey different commands like sitting down, laying down, stopping as soon as you do, and go left or right.

Although anyone can take up dog agility training it is obviously not something that you can do too easily. It requires a lot of patience with your dog and giving it a lot of attention and praise using treats to reward correct behaviour. Ultimately if you enjoy and your dog enjoys it, then dog agility training is something that you will both become very good at.

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