Dog Agility Training

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Dog Agility Training

by Eric Hartwell

Training your dog can be very rewarding for you and your dog. Make sure you do it the right way.

Medical Check-Up

To start off, you should first have your dog be checked by a veterinarian to see if he is capable of such training. It is possible that your dog could not handle muscle strains or he may have difficulty breathing when strict agility exercises are imposed. So to be sure, you should always ask your vet for approval.

Start ?Em Young

You might find that teaching young puppies tricks is better than teaching older dogs. Similar to people, dogs also absorb and learn more when they are younger. They are easier to teach and they retain the information and skill longer than the adult dogs. You can start teaching your dogs small exercises like following your commands in running, jumping, or fetching things. Be sure to give proper rewards instantly after he follows your commands doing so good behavior will be reinforced.

Agility Equipment

You can provide your dog some homemade equipment for agility training such as small ladders, training barriers made from PVC pipes, play tunnels, poles for jumping, Buja boards, etc. You can train your puppy intensively until he?s one year of age, then just settle on a more sedate routine later on. Do not stop the training and keep reinforcing it. Dog agility training is a constant thing; it should not be allowed to wane. This would help your dog to become more fit and healthy.

This agility dog training is certain to be fun for both the pet and the owner. However, discipline and patience is required most especially if you would like your dog to join some dog shows and win first prize.

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