Dog Ailments and How To Combat Them

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Dog Ailments and How To Combat Them

by Eric Hartwell

Ailments and diseases are a part of the living process. It is but normal to become sick once in a while and go through the difficulty and suffering of a disease provided that you have to be treated for it and as much as possible prevent it from happening to you again. Ailments and rehabilitation is but a part of the total continuum of life.

This is very much the same with animals. Man?s best friend the dog, also go through a series of diseases and ailments in their lifetime and it is up to us their owners and protectors, to prevent them from falling into the disease and not recovering from it. The best way of ensuring that our dogs are as fit as can be throughout their lifetime is by quick and knowledgeable observations of the different diseases that may debilitate them.

Steps To Ensure A Healthy Dog:

Fleas are especially annoying little critters which are the bane of many a dog?s existence. Some dog owners tolerate fleas as a necessary evil but this is not the case with dogs. Dogs react to fleas by scratching and biting themselves which produces eczematous lesions that may lead to infection. This makes the dog?s life utterly miserable and unhappy and unless the owner intercedes with flea control, this problem is not totally eliminated. Flea destruction depends on the destruction of eggs, larva and adult fleas. They should be eradicated from the dog and from his environment altogether to prevent recurrence. Flea insecticides are now found on the market today and they come in the form of soaps, wash, powder, dip or sprays. Your dog will surely be very thankful if you solve his bane for him.

Another problem that may debilitate your dog is worms. Roundworms are the commonest of the parasites and are most often found in puppies. Roundworms can cause a variety of symptoms such as diarrhea, anemia, dull coat and potbelly. There are some cases of injury to the lungs and development of pneumonia as the worms may migrate from the blood vessels to the air sacs of the lungs. Good diet and proper sanitation help in preventing worms. The dog should have clean, dry bedding at all times. Before giving worm medicine to your dog, keep him on a bland diet of rice, noodles and soup for two days prior to de-worming.

The best way to become healthy is to prevent diseases from overpowering your immune system. This is the same with dogs too. Nowadays vaccinations for certain diseases that are caused by canine parvovirus, rabies, canine adenovirus and canine distemper virus are available from your dog?s vet. You can bring your dog to the vet at a certain age and have them provide a vaccination shot for your dog to ensure that he is free from the viral diseases for a period of time. Veterinarians can provide you with the proper sequencing of the shots and when to give them safely to your dogs.

Dogs offer you their full devotion, loyalty and love. It is your responsibility to take care of them properly.

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