Dog Barking Problem To Shock or Not To Shock

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Dog Barking Problem To Shock or Not To Shock

by Ramond McVicker

Excessive dog barking has been a problem since the dog was domesticated from the wolf several thousand years ago. Luckily, today there are numerous solutions to solve your dogs barking problem. Most pet supply companies produce bark collars and training devices to stop nuisance barking in a humane and effective manner by utilizing advance technology and science. If you have a dog-barking problem, we will show you how to fix this issue quickly and effectively.

Nuisance barking can mean different things to different people and typically certain people have a higher threshold for this troublesome issue. Often times it is not the pet owner who has an issue with the excessive noise; it is a neighbor or co-worker. If you have guests over to your home, a noisy dog can be embarrassing. If you leave your dog outside and he barks all day while you are gone, your neighbors may be unappreciative. If you are hunting and your dog is scaring off the game, you are in big trouble. Whatever your reasons for needing a bark collar, you can be sure that this training device will correct your problem quickly and efficiently.

Bark control collars correct your dog?s problem, by administering a negative stimulation when your dog?s throat emits certain vibrations. This ?correction? is often a gentle shock or a disturbing smell like citronella or lemon scent. The correction is only administered when your dog barks and not when other noises are made. Since dogs learn by association, the direct correlation between barking and a negative stimulation, forces your pet to curve their behavior quickly. Often times, after only a few corrections, your dog will be cured and the collar can be left in the off position. Although, many people consider shock collars to be in humane they are actually quite safe thanks to advances in technology.

Bark collars use micro technology to provide comfortable collars as well as safe stimulation for your pet. In fact most collars emit an electric shock similar to static electricity and work by startling your pet, not by administering pain. The citronella or lemon scent collars produce a fine mist that your pet doesn't like because of their strong sense of smell. Most manufactures provide variable settings so if you have a small or big dog you can find the appropriate correction level. Each year the technology behind these collars gets better and safer.

Dogs and barking go hand in hand and although not all dogs have a barking problem, many of them do. If your pet is lacking training in this area an anti bark collar may be the right training device for you. This type of training is good for the pet, the owner and various other individuals. The type of collar you buy is a personal choice, but you can be assured that this training device is quick, efficient and humane. Save yourself future headaches by training your dog today.

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