Dog Barking The Cure

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Dog Barking The Cure

by Chris Glatte

Dog barking is the most aggravating dog problem owners will face. Being awakened because your dog thought he heard something outside in the middle of the night does not make a dog owner happy.

As annoying as it is, however, barking is an important communication tool for your dog. Different tones mean different things: the high pitched yap of play to the low, menacing bark of barely disguised aggression, they all mean something.

We think of barking as an early warning system for impending danger. However, some dog barking isn?t useful but is only annoying and aggravating. Sometimes dogs bark for no discernible reason at all. This can lead to unhappy neighbors and even eviction notices.

Curing the cause can usually alleviate this type of annoyance barking. As with most dog problems the easiest and most effective cure is exercise. The dog is probably barking continuously because he?s bored, or is trying to burn off extra energy in any way he can.

Simply throwing a ball for your dog can sometimes cure annoyance barking. Play and exercise do wonders for all involved. Remember: a tired dog is a quiet and happy dog.

Be careful though, if you hear your dog barking for no apparent reason, don?t run out and start playing with him. This will only tell him that barking caused you to come out and give him positive attention. He will associate barking with a good outcome and he will do it when he feels the need to interact with you, which will be most of the time. Instead, go out when he?s being a nice quiet dog and play with him.

If you?re still having problems with barking and you?re sure he?s getting plenty of exercise and attention, then you will need to train him when not to bark. This is sometimes difficult and can take some stealth on your part.

The best method I have found is to spray the dog with water when he is in the act. Carry a spray bottle around with you and when he starts barking say, ?stop that noise? and give him a spray on the nose. This may even make him sit down and give you his full attention.

This is a great way to keep the dog from barking at people when they knock on your front door. You can set up the scenario by having a friend come to your door and knock. You should be ready with your spray bottle and when he charges the door giving his best rendition of Cujo, give him the command, ?stop that noise? and give him a squirt. Then have him sit while you open the door.

The spray bottle method works great when you?re around your dog, but usually the barking starts when you aren?t near him. This is problematic because when you run to where your dog is, he?ll see you coming and be overjoyed with the attention, then when you give a squirt he?ll think you?re punishing him for being glad to see you.

If your dog only barks when you?re not near him, you?ll have to get creative. When I was a kid our Labrador would bark at unknown things in the night. He was an outside dog, and his dog-house was right beneath my dad?s upstairs balcony. When the barking started my dad would sneak out with a bucket of water and yell, ?stop that noise? and dump it on his head. It only took one or two direct hits before our Labrador understood the command.

If the barking happens when you?re not at home to give the command, and you?re sure he?s not barking because he doesn?t get enough exercise, then you may have to resort to a bark collar. These collars give off a short sharp electric shock when your dog barks.

Bark collars are effective, but may teach your dog that any kind of barking is bad. There goes your burglar alarm system. They also don?t teach your dog a command like, ?stop that noise,? they simply get zapped.

Those are the disadvantages but the major advantage is you won?t have neighbors that hate you and you won?t get an eviction notice because of your dog.

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