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Dog Bathing

by Eric Hartwell

Bathing your dog may pose quite a challenge for some of you, pet owners, especially if your dog is the type who would be running away when it knows that is time for its regular bath. We all want clean and good smelling dogs to cuddle with, so it is important to give your dogs a regular bath. Your dogs are also at a lesser risk to having skin diseases if you regularly keep him clean.

Brush your dog

It is ideal that prior to bathing your dog, you brush its coat to remove any dusts or sediments on your dog?s coat as well as to get rid of hair tangles. This is important so that the hair that your dog may shed while being bathed will not clog your drain or float in the tub water. There are a variety of combs and brushes available on the market depending on what type would suit your dog?s fur.

Gather everything you need

It is best that before getting your dog onto the tub or wash basin, you have everything that you will need in order. Remember that you need to watch over your dog while giving him a bath in case he wants to escape. With your full attention upon your dog, you wouldn?t have the luxury of time to be looking for the stuff that you need to use and it is practical for these items to be within arm?s reach.

Also, most dogs would sense that they will be having a bath especially if they hear the sound of running water. Fill the tub ahead with water to avoid further struggles with your pet. Ensure that the water is lukewarm, neither hot nor cold. Dogs just like humans dislike having cold baths.

Here are some of the essentials that you will need when giving your dog a bath: a leash if you need to control your dog, comb or brush (especially for dogs with thick or long hair), shampoo (you could also include conditioner though it is optional) and towel to dry your dog or you may also use a hairdryer if you like. You can find numerous pet shops and online stores offering dog bathing kits that will contain essential needs for a doggie bath.

The dog bath

Most experts suggest that you work your way from the head all the way down. Start to clean and shampoo from the head down to the tail. Make sure to clean every part of your dog?s body. If your dog is uncomfortable at first, you may start from the neck down, and then opt to use just a washcloth to clean your dog?s face and avoid getting water into their ears and eyes. You can find though eye gels that will protect your dog?s eyes and ear solutions that ensure the ear will be dry after the bath. Rinse thoroughly after applying shampoo and conditioner (optional). Your dog?s skin will itch if you don?t rinse properly. Dry your dog with a towel and you may even use a hairdryer. Using the hairdryer all the time is not advisable for this could dry your dog?s hair. Brush your dog?s hair if it needs one.

With just the right way, you and your dog will have a great time as you give it its regular bath. If you just make it fun and enjoyable for your dog, for sure it?ll be anticipating when its next bath will be.

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