Dog Beds A Series Of Decisions

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Dog Beds A Series Of Decisions

by Eric Hartwell

Buying a dog bed is simple and easy isn't it? After all, you just need to go to the local pet store (or mail order firm) and buy a bed to your satisfaction.


You need to consider the type of bed that you are buying to ensure that it is safe and useful for your dog (and for your family). A dog will not use their bed if they are not comfortable.

Health and safety is important. Dog beds can be mad out of hard plastic or soft material. if you dog chews the bed (many dogs do) then your dog will possible eat or ingest this material. Therefore you don't want it to be toxic. Also, if you have small children in the house you do not want them putting toxic materials into their mouths.

The next thing to consider is the size and shape of the dog bed. Your new dog may appear small and sweet at present but he will grow - and grow fast! The small dog that you purchased from the dog home will soon fill up that cute dog bed you bought. There is always a tendency to buy the dog bed that looks best, in size, for the size of your dog at that moment. But try to buy one that will be comfortable and suitable for your dog when he or she is full sized. Otherwise either your dog will not use the bed or you will have to buy a second one later on.

The shape of the dog bed can also be important as some dogs like to stretch out whilst others like to curl up in a ball when sleeping.

You will know your dog the best and you will want him to be comfortable. Buy the best bed for him that you can.

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