Dog Beds How to Choose the Right One

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Dog Beds How to Choose the Right One

by Denise Clement

One of your first purchases when buying a dog should be a bed for it to sleep in. It may seem a cute idea to have your four-legged friend join you on your bed, but it will become tiresome, and once the habit is formed it is hard to break.

A much better approach is to provide a suitable bed for your dog from day one.

What's In A Bed?

Dog beds come in all shapes and sizes, just like dogs. They also come in a number of different designs, some of which are more resilient and suitable for long-term use than others.

Here are the top five things to consider when buying a bed for your dog.

1. Where's Rover Going to Sleep?

The first thing to decide is whether your dog will sleep inside or outdoors ? it may not be a consideration in colder climates, but in warm countries it is perfectly practicable for a dog to sleep outside on a terrace or in the garden.

Most beds are designed for indoor use, and we'll concentrate on those from now on.

2. Can It Be Washed?

Make sure you buy a bed that is completely machine-washable. Even if your dog is well-trained and regularly-washed, over time the bed will begin to smell and will need washing. You won't want to have to do this yourself with a scrubbing brush?

3. Not All Padding Is Equal

Fleas like nothing more than to make their home in a well-used dog bed. Help prevent this by ensuring that your dog bed's padding is good quality thick foam. Cedar shavings are another possible alternative.

4. Will He Fit?

Dogs like to stretch out and curl up just like humans do in bed. Make sure your new bed is going to be big enough for your dog to be comfortable in it, or it will never get used, and you'll be shopping for another one!

5. Any Special Requirements?

If your dog has any special needs or problem behaviours, you might want to remember these when choosing a bed. Examples include:

? Orthopaedic beds

? Waterproof beds/sheets

? Thermal/heated beds (like electric blankets)

? Chew-resistant beds

Don't choose a wicker basket for a dog with a tendency to chew, for example ? they will rapidly destroy it.

Other possibilities include travel/car beds for regular travellers and fashionable designer beds for the pooch about town.

It's a Personal Thing

Once you've found the right bed, you'll need to find the right place to put it. It may well be in a corner of your bedroom, or perhaps in the kitchen or living room ? somewhere where your dog will feel safe and comfortable.

Once your dog gets used to his bed and its location, he should stop disturbing you at night and might well sleep better, giving you a chance to do the same!

Denise Clement is co-owner of the successful

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