Dog Beds No Orthopaedic Dog Beds Would You Believe it

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Dog Beds No Orthopaedic Dog Beds Would You Believe it

by Jay Gee

I look back at photographs of our wonderful Cocker Spaniel "Sally" and shake my head in disbelief.

Who'd have thought it?

Dog beds, and not just ordinary dog beds, but designer orthopaedic heated dog beds.

Forty odd years ago Sally had her little square of carpet and her favourite old blanket on the floor in a corner of the hall as her safe and pretty comfortable sleeping place.

Now our pet dogs have the amazing choice of anything from a fleecy sheepskin dog bed with pillow to a designer wood frame orthopaedic heated dog bed.

Yes, as I said, "Who'd ever have believed it?"

However, all these wonderful and rather luxurious additions to the doggy world have given us dog lovers the opportunity to pamper our pets and make sure that they enjoy as safe, comfortable and luxurious a life as we can possibly provide.

So no matter the size, shape or breed of your dog, there's a dog bed that's just right for your beloved pet.

So how do you choose a suitable dog from the emormous variety of designs and stypes available?

Well it?s best to take a note of your dog?s current behaviour and his sleeping preferences.

How your dog likes to sleep has an impact on what dog bed you need. If being curled up is his favourite sleeping style, then we recommend lounger dog beds. However, if he likes to sleep sprawled out, we suggest pillow or mat style dog beds.

If it is cold where your dog sleeps a heater will keep him warm and comfortable. It may be that your pet suffers from arthritis or other disability that would most certainly benefit from an orthopaedic dog bed.

There?s soft cushion or pillow type dog beds, plus a huge selection of sleeping mats and pads, some of which are electrically heated. You can also choose from raised dog beds and couches or as mentioned, wooden framed and orthopaedic beds.

So many dog beds to choose from to keep your beloved pooch happy!

There?s a leading range of high quality dog beds at: My Pet Dog Supplies - and all the advice, tips and information you?ll need to make the right choice of dog bed for your pet.

Here?s - Seven Quick Tips for Buying Dog Beds from our leading supplier...

1. From simple mats and pads to comfy plush pillows and luxurious donut-shaped beds, many different styles of dog beds are suitable for a variety of dogs.

2. Orthopaedic dog beds are great for older dogs. One or more layers of supportive foam and a temperature regulator keeps the bed warm at all times to ensure the comfort of your pet.

3. Keep your pooch warm on chilly nights with heated dog beds. Low-voltage heaters provide safe, comfortable warmth all night long.

4. Dog beds filled with soft, fluffy curls of cedar shavings work naturally to reduce pet odours and eliminate fleas.

5. Commonly used in homes, dog beds can also be paired with a dog crate or used in a vehicle to keep your pet comfortable when travelling. Dog beds that feature a non-skid backing will stay in place no matter where you use it.

6. The filling material is what gives dog beds their softness and comfort. A blend of natural fibres combined with recycled materials will resist shifting or matting and result in superior comfort.

7. High quality dog beds should be durable and waterproof, as well as easily washable in order to keep your dog comfortable and healthy.

Is your dog as comfortable as he or she could be?

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