Dog Behavior Problem Top 3 Dog Behavior Problems And What To Do

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Dog Behavior Problem Top 3 Dog Behavior Problems And What To Do

by Jon Edings

Owning a dog is a privilege and an honor to most, they are there when you come home after a hard day or a good day they are there to pick you up in spirits or to share your good mood. That being said some dogs have some kind of behavioral problems that you would like to see disappear. Here listed are 3 dog behavior problems people and there pets encounter. Even if you have had your dog for years or have just gotten a dog these three problems can ruin your relationship with your pet and make it not as enjoyable as it should be.

1. Does your dog bark a lot at nothing that you can see, Will he all of a sudden bark for no reason, causing you to climb the walls. Ignore your dog when he starts to bark for no reason even if you yell at him you are paying attention to him when he is quiet you can pay attention only if he stops barking. Squirt gun is a good choice for your dog when he starts his barking. The most important step is to reward your dog right after he stops barking not in awhile.

2. Aggressive behavior, is it a pain to take your dog for a walk because he wants to pull you toward other dogs,people. By nature most dogs are not aggressive, if they are showing aggression, either from past owners neglect or the wrong training methods that were implemented. Socialize, have your dog being around other dogs from an early stage will prevent this but if you have an older dog take him to a dog park and let him socialize. Do Not leave him chained up or caged for any length of time if he is in a cage a lot he will get agitated and anxiety builds up and he becomes aggressive. If for any reason he is aggressive and you do not know why or he suddenly become aggressive take him to see a vet because he might have a medical problem.

3. Dog jumping on you or visitors. Dogs jump up on you because that is there way of greeting and that is what they do if they are trained not to. Be consistent when you come home a stern sit down while raising your knee, out of instinct your dog will back away, do not pat or pet your dog during his jumping on you. Praising your dog when he does not jump on you is important you need to do that immediately don't wait around to praise him three common dog behavior problems that you might encounter, don't let that stop you from getting the most out of owning a dog.

Having dog problem comes with the territory of owning a dog, 99.99% of the time they are very easy to straighten out buy being patient and consistent you will have no problems with your dog. The 3 that I have mentioned here today are only a few of the dogs behavioral problems the best thing for you to do is to be consistent whatever you are trying to train your dog to do.

The author is a Dog Lover that believes a little bit of work in the beginning of the dogs life will be priceless in the future for more dog problems and solutions go here Dog Behavior Problem and Solutions

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