Dog Behavior Problem Help My Dog Just Wet My Bed

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Dog Behavior Problem Help My Dog Just Wet My Bed

by Gary A J Martin

I think we all have had a dog with a dog behavior problem. This is just a facet of canine ownership, right?

Whether it is bad behavior like barking, jumping, biting, messing, not much can be done, true?

For a mature dog, especially.

Not necessarily. There are, in fact, actions we can take to assist our canine friend to behave himself, and act like we would like her or him, to be.

Firstly, it is best not to punish the puppy, or dog, when he acts up.

This can adversely affect the relationship you have with your beloved pooch.

And actually make his poor behavior worse, not better.

Also, a seldom considered solution, is high nutrition and healthcare habits.

Often, a dog who is exhibiting behavior problems is unhappy. Giving your dog the best of foods with quality nutrition and other healthcare habits, such as where and how he/she sleeps, the grooming and paw maintenance, and even noise in its surroundings, can usually help immensely.

I once had a dog with behavioral problems. He wet my bed constantly. Or his own, depending upon where he slept that particular night.

Then I came across a resource and within just a few weeks, it was as if Popos was a different dog! It really isn?t as complicated as many make it out to be.

Copyright Gary Martin 2006

Gary Martin is a fulltime affiliate marketer and dog lover who shows you how to help your dog. To help your beloved dog, please click here: Help Your Dog Here

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