Dog Behavior Problem

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Dog Behavior Problem

by Trevor Somerville

Eating dirt
The ultimate cause for eating dirt is pica or licking and eating extraordinary objects combined with anemia. This isn't very likely if there is no proof of anemia. In some instance, pica takes place with exocrine pancreatic insufficiency, chronic pancreatitis and chronic gastrointestinal disease but it doesn't appear to be an eminent outlook of these diseases.

Digging holes
Digging holes is one of dog behavior problems which are considered as a normal conduct but is difficult to stop. However, if the reason for the digging is treatable and identifiable, it might help the behavior and if it has a reference to separation anxiety most particularly. There are numerous possible reasons for digging. It includes curiosity displaced aggression, wanting to escape the confines of the yard, separation anxiety, trying to stay cool in the summer or warm in the winter, boredom and aggression.

Sniffing or digging behavior
There are some possible reasons for seeing this kind of dog behavior problem. Some dogs perform this when they have a swelling anal sac leaking small amounts of exudates whenever they sit somewhere. This will guide them to examine the odor. We have perceived this to occur in dogs who are usually leaking urine. You may not be conscious of it if the urine leakage is small, but your dog would be able to and it can annoy the sniffing or digging behavior. It could be a phenomenon of separation anxiety if it occurs often when you are unable to supervise your dog.

Puppy play behavior
Dogs are able to recognize behavior anticipations between his interaction with people and with another puppy or dog. This is sometimes counted as a normal dog behavior problem. So, you don?t have to concern much and avoid not switching the interactions happening between themselves, except they begin to carry over to interactions between them and the children.

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