Dog Behavior Problems Dog Tantrums

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Dog Behavior Problems Dog Tantrums

by Rena Murray

A good dog obedience trainer and dog behaviorist versed in dog psychology, dog behavior modification, and the much-discussed dog whisper technique, will be confronted by many dog behavior problems that owners simply do not understand -- many of which are nothing more than dog behavior tantrums! After all, everyone knows that each child has his or her way of throwing a tantrum ? screaming, kicking, sulking, refusing to answer, smart aleck answers and so on, or any combination of these. So guess what? Our four-legged friends also have their own line of dog tantrums.

Great, right? Not something most people want to hear. However, it sure helps to recognize the temper tantrums for what they are, and to know how to address them. Some dog behavior tantrums include the dog's whining, screaming, flinging himself in many directions, showing teeth, planting his butt on the ground and refusing to budge, lying down and refusing to get up so the owner must drag him, growling, trying to lunge, or a combination of these. Boy, what a brat, huh?

What to do? Let me begin with the whining, screaming, and/or body flinging problem. First, always place the leash on the dog the way it is done in a dog show ? a single loop high up on the neck. This is because the leash will be on the sensitive part of the neck, so handling the dog will be much easier for all involved directly with him, as well as for those around him.

As Bongo starts whining, pull up on the leash (not to the side, always UP). Then make him sit and start over.

If Bongo flings himself, pull up and let him release himself before the next correction -- one pull to show you disagree with it, but don't fight with it. Why let him finish his tantrum and release himself? Because he is angry or frustrated, and that needs to come out properly before you can move on. If you do not let him get this out but continue immediately with corrections and fighting with him, it could escalate quickly to a fiercer level, which you do NOT want! If he shows teeth, give a ONE WORD correction ? firmly with authority, not yelling, say "Hey"-- and point at him. When he puts the fangs away, make him lie down.

Remember: correct and submit. The two always go together when it is bad dog behavior.

What about a firmly planted butt? If Champ stubbornly refuses to budge, rear end firmly cemented to the floor, pull up on the leash same way as before, and you keep moving forward. Same thing if Champ lies down and refuses to move. Remember, it is always a firm pull that says "I am serious," but not harsh, nor a jerk or yank. Those do not work and can back-fire. After all, you are not arguing with him, just making your point and going on. What the dog wants is to have you cater to him. No, you are the leader, so stop pleading and get moving! Eventually, he will give up and follow on his own steam.

Now if your canine friend growls and tries to lunge, get a professional to SHOW you what to do. That is a whole different level of timing, and you cannot afford a mistake!

Plagued with stubborn, obstreperous, willful bad dog behavior, and dog behavior tantrums? They can be solved. Just do not hesitate to get the help you need, and address the dog behavior problems before they compound. No more dog tantrums!

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