Dog Behavior Problems and Solutions Biting Barking and Whining

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Dog Behavior Problems and Solutions Biting Barking and Whining

by Sean Winter

Dog disobedience and aggression are things dog owners will most likely always have to deal with. You are not alone in this boat. About 75% of dog owners have some type of trouble with their pet. Surprisingly a lot of these owners do not even get help. They let their dog walk all over them until something bad happens. This could be an attack, or even your dog ending up dead. Both of these are horrible options, especially when with just a little work you can have your dog trained. The longer you take to control and train your dog, the harder it will be for you to train it further down the road. So do you and your dog a favor, and get help.

Dog disobedience can include:

  • Biting
  • excessive barking
  • fighting other dogs
  • whining
  • and of course relieving themselves inside

There are many other issues you might be having with your dog. I just listed the basics.

Not only will these problems embarrass you, but your pet could seriously injure someone.

That is when the real problems start.

Your dog's disobedience can sometimes be caused by poor guidance by the owner, not knowing how or what to say to your dog, and not using the proven strategies.

The good thing is all of these problems can be fixed before they get real bad. You can sometimes fix a problem with an older dog, but obviously they will need more work.

You know you cannot teach old dogs new tricks(Well not always). Some types of dogs are easier than others to train. Some might be a little more trouble. Either way, it's not to hard if you know the right steps.

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