Dog Behavior Training To Avoid House Soiling

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Dog Behavior Training To Avoid House Soiling

by Muhammad Hazman Mohamed Noor

Owning a dog has its rewards. Every time you go home, you will be greeted by a friendly and excited bark, with a tail wagging. When you want to stroll around, you've got company that won't tire on you. And at night when you are deeply asleep, you are assured that you are safe knowing that brave and bright doggie is watching over for any suspicious movements or activity inside the house and outside of the door. But this reward comes with a problem, too. House soiling is a major problem of dog owners. To avoid this, consider the suggestions below on dog behavior training to avoid house soiling.

There are a number of reasons why our dogs prefer to poop or pee everywhere except the toilet bowl. Primarily, of course, the pup is acting on instinct and it will go whenever it feels to go. Another reason is that your dog has a medical condition that makes him urinate and defecate involuntarily. You need to see a vet if you suspect sickness is the likely cause of house soiling. Territorial marking, separation anxiety and phobias are other reasons why a dog house soils. Determine first the reasons why you dog pees involuntary.

Dog behavior training is a way to teach your dog the best trick of all: defecating outside the house. You can do this creating a defecating and urinating routine for your dog. Dogs learn through routine, if he constantly do an act and is rewarded for acting good, he will repeat the act because he associates the act with praise, kindness and reward from his master. In dog behavior training, the same principle applies.

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