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Dog Breed What You Missed

by Chris Campbell

Having owned a particular breed of dog in the past is a definite advantage, when it comes to picking a new puppy. Experience may either work for or against the breed of dog you owned before. But, what happens if you've never own a dog before, and your not sure what to look for. Here's a short but helpful list to get you started. I'm sure you'll be able to build on it once you've given it some thought.

It's A Matter Of Breeding

The size of the dog is probably the first most visible and obvious characteristic. If you live in a tiny studio apartment, a greyhound would probably not be an ideal choice.

Your primary reason for wanting a dog. There are plenty of reasons people have for wanting a dog. Such as: breeding, obedience training, a watchdog, a show dog, or simply for companionship.

The strength and size of a breed you may have in mind. I suspect your eight year old son or daughter may have a difficult taking the Great Dane around the block for a walk.

If your dog is a runner, or one who likes to cuddle in your lap is something to consider. Living in a house with plenty of acreage is great for dogs that need a lot of exercise.

Not all dogs are well suited to a family with children, and some dogs will simply be too energetic and rambunctious for older or less mobile owners.

Some dogs require more companionship then others. If your going to be out of the house eight hours a day for seven days a week, then maybe a less demanding dog would be appropriate for you. Or maybe one of those aloof cats, who could care less is the answer.

Dogs with very long hair will require more time and care from you when it comes to grooming. Or perhaps, more frequent trips and a larger budget for the dog grooming shop are the answer.

If your lead a very active lifestyle, perhaps with plenty of walking, hiking, running, then make sure you look at a breed that is appropriate for this level of activity. Not all dogs want or require a lot of exercise.

The climate of your geographical location is also important when choosing a breed. Some dogs such as the Bulldog, will suffer through breathing problems in a very hot climate. Long coated dogs will find the change of seasons to encourage coat shedding. Maybe not great for the person picking up the hair, but good for the dog.

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