Dog Breed Info The Problems And The Decision To Get One

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Dog Breed Info The Problems And The Decision To Get One

by James Johnson

Ok, you have made up your mind on the big decision to purchase a dog. There are many breeds to choose. How do you manage to make a decision on which kind of dog breed is best suited for you? Do not make this decision in a hurry, is not one to be taken lightly. You will need some dog breed info.

You will be better off putting yourself through a lot of quizzes, visiting dog shops, dog shows, and talking to breeders and friends who own dogs to get all the dog breed info you can. Then you can hopefully make a decision as to which breed you would like to welcome to your house as new member. If the decision is to buy a pup, then a reputable dog breeder must be located who has a litter of the breed that has been selected.

Problems with dog breeds

Hip dysphasia and eye problems should also be watched for. One dog breed that can suffer from hip dysphasia and often has problems with their knee joints is the Chow Chow.

Heart problems can also be a danger. For instance, breeding two dogs with same or similar genetic weaknesses can lead to the new pups born with an increased chance of the health problems associated with those breeds. Most people get mixes of some sort, because rumor has it that purebred dogs can have personality problems because of to much inbreeding or because the original gene pool is too small to start with.

A nuisance to pets and a major problem to them is fleas. The art of proper flea management is knowledge; flea problems will not be a big issue and can be battle that is won easily with the simple flea collar.

Picking out a grown dog that is already housebroken, can be an easy choice, but it may have some obedience problems. This is why the owner is selling them in the first place or giving the dog away. It may possibly have health problems also.

James Johnson, the author of this article, discovers and presents information so you can become knowedgeable, in the subjects you are searching for. I hope you find this article helpful. Your choice for a dog breed is many. For more infomative articles and pictures of differant breeds, to help you with your dog breed choice go to Dog Breed Info or

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