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Dog Breeder Best Of Breed

by Chris Campbell

A good breeder does much more than just put mom and dad puppy in a room, lower the lights, light the candles, pour the puppy catnip, and play a little Johnny Mathis music. That's only the beginning. They do their best to ensure the best of breed for their hopefully strong and healthy dogs. There are characteristics within every breed standard that has been agreed upon. Good breeders will also do their best to pick out good owners, that to the best of their ability will love and care for their puppies. And to that end they try to educate owners with helpful information about the breed of dog they are buying. Not an inclusive list, but things like diet, health issues, and immunizations are things that any good breeder should beknowledgeable of and willing to share.

Best In Show, Or Barely Making The Grade

Your national kennel association or club will be able to provide you with a list of names of breeders in good standing within their organization. If your breed is apopular one, and there are dog clubs in your area, there will be plenty of people with advice on good and bad breeders in your area. Talk to friends, family, orcolleagues that have the breed of dog you're looking at. If they had problems, or a great experience, they would be able to tell you where they got their dog. Veterinarians usually have a pretty good idea of who the less than great breeders in an area are. When dog breeders have problems with their dogs, either physically or emotionally, they will eventually end up turning to a breeder. The not so great dog breeders, will show up at the vets a lot.

Narrowing The List

Not all breeders breed dogs for the same reasons. Find out why breeders breed their dogs. Some may be breeding their dogs for show. Dogs with characteristics good for showing do notnecessarily make good family pets. As well, some breeders with showing in mind, may want to keep the pick of the litters for themselves. This of course narrows down the choice of puppies available for you. Some show breeders do allow their pups to be sold on a 'pet only' basis. It may be a little cheaper, but if all you wanted was a family pet, then this may be ideal for you.

If your still having doubts, let your instincts guide you. If the puppies seem well cared for, healthy and happy, then all is probably well. Try and see both parents as well. At least the mother. If they also look happy and healthy, then that's another good sign. Remember, the breeder only cares for the puppies during a very short time in their life. It's you and how you care for your newpuppy, that really make the difference in the long run.

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