Dog Breeds Whats Popular For Children

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Dog Breeds Whats Popular For Children

by Tom Bartholomew

No doubt the number one best dog breed for children hands down, would have to be, you guessed it, Labrador Retriever. The Labrador is well accepted because of its good nature. It is not generally aggressive or hyper. It is playful, easy-going, patient, and intelligent. No wonder it is loved by both young and old. Because of its mild manner, it is first choice in working with the handicapped. It is has desire to please as if it knows its purpose. The Lab is also a great pick if you have other pets. They are very accommodating. A well taken care of Lab can live up to 13 years. In order to reduce boredom in these dogs, they should be kept active. These dogs love playing in the yard or taking walks.

Number two on the list is the Golden Retriever. They are similar to the Lab in their personality. They are also mild mannered, kind and they enjoy being around people. They too are a top pick for working with the handicapped as well as the elderly. They too get along with other pets. These dogs are intelligent and easy to train. Playing fetch is a favorite game for them. Because of their playful nature, this breed of dog would be great for an older child who likes to be active outdoors. Regular grooming is required because of their long hair.

The next pick is the Beagle. Even though they have a baying bark, they are not aggressive dogs. What their barking is saying is that they make great watch dogs. Beagles have a friendly demeanor about them. Their tails seem to be in an unending wagging motion. Because friendliness comes natural with them, they do not like to be left alone. They become bored when left by themselves for long periods. They are a great pick for smaller children because of their smaller size.

Another great dog pick for children is the Basset Hound. They are most generally docile, yet they?re known for their stubbornness. They are also known for their gentleness and are very sweet by nature. They?re great with children of all ages and enjoy attention from them.

The German shepherd is another pick. Again, these are probably best for older children who enjoy playing outdoors. Because of their strength and size, they are not always suitable for younger children. German Shepherds are known for their loyalty. Police often use this type of dog for search and rescue missions. They are protective by nature and are quite tolerant. It?s best to start training these dogs as pups. Without training, they can be difficult when they mature.

The black and white spotted Dalmatian is associated with fire trucks, but for families, a Dalmatian would be a trusted friend. They are very outgoing dogs with more energy than we can imagain. Dalmatians need companionship from humans.

The Bearded Collie is another great pick. These are active dogs and generly do best outdoors. They like to have open space to run and play, so being confined to an apartment would not suit these dogs. The Bearded Collie is known for its bounce. This dog is very playful and happy. They like to be around people and do not hide their excitement of being around you. Female Collie?s tend to be calmer, while males are more rambunctious.

Then there?s the American Cocker Spaniel. They are sensitive and sweet dogs. They are generally obedient to their master and enjoy the attention of children. They are definitely a people friendly dog.

Cockapoos not only are good around children, but they get on with other pets as well. They do not need a lot of space. Apartment life is OK with them.

In choosing the right dog for your family, always remember that there are always exceptions to the rules. Each dog is an individual, and why for the most part certain breeds are more children friendly, you should always be cautious with your child around unknown dogs.

Tom Bartholomew

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