Dog Breeds Suitable For Families

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Dog Breeds Suitable For Families

by Eric Hartwell

Numerous people worldwide love pets and it comes as no surprise at all that most families have them. Dogs top the list when it comes to being a favorite choice as a family pet. Dogs are the main choice when it comes to the position of family pet because aside from being adorable and lovable, they can make great companions and are definitely loyal. If your family is currently thinking of having your very own pet as well, then it is important for you to consider certain factors to help you in your decision making.

Consider your family...

When the family is considering on adopting a new member to the family, it is important that everybody pitches in on the decision making. Everybody has to think carefully of their lifestyle to find a breed that suits them best.

It is essential as well to consider your children; their age, personality and outlook when it comes to responsibility. It is important to note a dog?s reputation with kids. Not all dog breeds are suitable as a family dog, most especially dogs that are just downright aggressive and doesn?t have the patience to deal with kids who can be too hyperactive. The lively and energetic personality of a kid may just be too much for a certain breed of dog to handle and so it is important that we think about this matter to avoid instances like a dog biting its master.

Quite often, you have to understand that very young kids may be too hard in handling the pets. You can?t expect all kids to possess the qualities of patience and kindness. A solution would be to teach your children the proper handling and treatment of pets especially dogs. Do not tolerate kid?s behavior of abuse in handling the family dog.

Aside from this you also have to think that a pet may require some care and attention. They need human contact (being social pets) and require also some exercise. Everybody in the family should schedule or take turns on who should walk the dog.

Dog breeds?

There are several dog breeds that are most suited for a family.

Labradors and Golden Retrievers are strong contenders for the position of family pet because they are playful, lovable, adorable and great with children. They are very devoted to their masters and families can have a good time outdoors playing as they love to jump and run.

Though Irish Setters were originally bred to help people when it comes to hunting, these dogs still make great companions and have a pleasing personality most suited for a family.

Collies grew in popularity as the whole world enjoyed the adventures of Lassie on television. These dogs are very patient and intelligent as well.

Though we perceive boxers to be guard dogs with their growls and barks as they scare strangers away, they are caring, gentle and faithful animals fitting also to be a family pet. But it is ideal to have them as family pets only when your kids are a bit older and bigger.

With the wide variety or breeds to choose from, in no time you will be welcoming a new member of the family which will definitely bring life and brightness to the home.

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