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Dog Camp The Way to Go

by Eric Hartwell

Dogs that have been patiently trained by their masters usually obtain a higher degree of physical well-being, and skills that far outreach any dogs potential. However few owners even dare to try training their dogs due to busy work schedules and demanding personal or family lifestyles. Training your dog to be alert, mentally alive and physically strong is not easy for it requires patience and care.

Preparation for Dog Agility Training

Dog nimbleness training or agility training is not something you easily undertake in your home or in your garage. Like any other forms of physical training, your dog should be well versed in manners especially when around other dogs. Distraction is a very real part of a dog?s life. Obedience classes often help ease a dog?s social awkwardness; it trains and teaches him what to do and how to behave around other humans and other dogs.

Contact Obstacle

After finishing obedience school, you and your dog are now ready to start your agility training. The first lesson introduces your dog and you to the basic commands that you will use later. The training begins with the Contact obstacle. This obstacle showcases the A-frame that is made of two platforms usually about 1 m wide by 3 m long connected together and elevated so that the connected part is about as high as a man. The objective of this exercise is to test and train the dog?s climbing skills on sloped areas.


The next one is the Dogwalk, this is made out of three 3 to four meter long planks that are connected end to end. Like the A-frame, this is elevated to a man?s shoulder height so that two planks become the uphill and downhill planks that lead to and from a center plank. This obstacle trains your dog?s running and walking abilities.

Teeter ? Totter

Next is the teeter-totter (or Seesaw) that is made up of a plank that rests on a pivot similar to a seesaw. This trains your dog?s control. As the dog climbs or walks up towards the other end the dog must not fall down or risk repeating the exercise again.


The crossover on the other hand is a shoulder high obstacle with four ramps going up to and down from the center ramp in the middle. The dog here must be able to reach the center ramp by choosing the correct ramp going to it and descending the ramp indicated by the dog owner. This test though is not a commonly used obstacle due to its height and size.


Jumps are obstacle courses. The dogs are supposed to cleanly jump over the hurdles. The obstacles can be vertical bars supporting a horizontal bar or they can be platforms spread over a long or wide area. In the first instance, the dogs are supposed to jump over the bars without touching them. In the second one, the dogs are supposed to clear the area without touching any of the platforms. This jump tests or trains your dog?s leg muscles.

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