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Dog Care Information

by Alison Cole

Pets like dogs provide their owners with unlimited affection and unconditional love. They are treated like members of the family. Just like humans, dogs need to have regular check-up to make sure it is happy and healthy.

There are also things that dog owner can do to make sure their pet is getting the very best care. Dogs often get dirty and need regular cleaning and bathing. On a weekly basis, a dog's teeth should be brushed, and its plate and water containers washed. If left unattended, it can lead to bacterial and parasitic infections and painful tooth decay.

Puppies and senior dogs are vulnerable to colds, so their time spent outdoors should be brief during winter months. In addition, when temperatures drop, their sense of smell diminishes, so they should not be allowed to roam free. Dogs, when left to stray, often emit a bad odor. The odor might also be due to excessive skin oil. Usually shampooing during a bath gets rid of the odor.

A change in diet also helps in decreasing the odor. Dogs must be kept on a low fat diet, since excess oil trapped in the pores of the skin can lead to odors. Some foods contain yucca schideriga extract. This extract from the yukka plant results in stools and urine that is odorless.

Tight security saves lives. Dogs should be confined to safety in escape-proof kennels and behind fences. All dogs must have sturdy collars with tags and should be taken for walks on a leash. The outside world is full of speeding cars, unfamiliar animals, pesticides and pet thieves.

Every dog needs to be examined and vaccinated by a veterinarian occasionally. Illnesses that are diagnosed early are often treatable, so regular examinations by a veterinarian are very important. Even the healthiest dog may fall ill, calling for immediate emergency care. Older dogs may be in pain from age-related deterioration and need adequate care.

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