Dog Care Tips 10

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Dog Care Tips 10

by Eric Hartwell

Getting your puppy to use stairs during training

Using a stairway can be a very fun and positive way to train your puppy. However, some puppies are frightened by stairs and heights. If he or she has not been on any stairs yet, then began by using a short stairway. This will minimize her fear and anxiety when you begin stair training. If you have no choice but to use a long stairway, then simply start with the first five or six steps from the bottom.

Dogs love to walk and play

Do you want to know how to become your dog's best friend? All you have to do is simply take him out for long walks and exciting hiking adventures. Dogs absolutely love roaming nature's open lands with their masters. And just by watching your dog run and play through grassy lands or forest areas, you can literally see the smile on his face. Be careful of hidden dangers and heights though.

Train your puppy straight away

Dog training should begin the very first day you bring your seven-to-eight-week-old puppy home. However, many inexperienced dog owners are afraid to start training their new puppy at such an early age. They have a training phobia which makes them think that starting certain training methods and obedience protocols with a young puppy may cause the dog to not like them. In addition to this worry, they are also afraid that they may injure the new puppy. Puppies are more than capable of early training - they just need encouragement.

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