Dog Care Tips 2

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Dog Care Tips 2

by Eric Hartwell

Preparing your dog?s food yourself

For those of you who can?t seem to get themselves satisfied with the pet food being offered in the market, you can opt to preparing them yourselves; that is if you have the luxury of time to do this. There are many books as well as websites that offer information and recipes giving you detailed instructions that you could use when preparing and cooking dog food yourself. You can do this in the knowledge that you have control over what your dog eats and what is good for him.

Important issues during training

During the entire training process timing is a very crucial factor you need to consider. A dog won?t understand if you punish him for a bad behavior he committed a while ago. He would end up being confused. It is also important that you praise your dog every time he does a positive or good behavior or has obeyed a particular command. It is always best to exercise positive reinforcement and give credit to a dog for performance of a desirable action. It is also important that you are consistent with your commands. Most often dogs cannot tell much of a difference with regards to often and sometimes. When you say never be consistent with it. For example if you don?t allow your pooch on your bed, then never allow him to get on it. Don?t be inconsistent by not allowing him at times but allowing him sometimes.

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