Dog Care Tips 3

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Dog Care Tips 3

by Eric Hartwell

Regulate your diabetic dog?s food intake

Same as with the case of humans, dogs having diabetes need regular medication and a most importantly his diet needs to be restricted. When your dog has diabetes it is imperative that you don?t let him gain too much weight or better yet lose much of his weight either. Your veterinarian?s guidance is needed if there are plans on gaining or losing weight. Changes in weight have an effect on the insulin level needed to control this sickness.

It is important that you monitor the amount of sugar your dog takes in. Keep watch on the food that your dog eats plus how many times he eats in a day. Experts suggests that it would be ideal to serve your dog two or three smaller servings of food rather than one large full meal which most of the time shoot up your dog?s insulin level. Eating smaller portions helps keep blood sugar at a stable rate.

The dog bath

Most experts suggest that you work your way from the head all the way down. Start to clean and shampoo from the head down to the tail. Make sure to clean every part of your dog?s body. If your dog is uncomfortable at first, you may start from the neck down, and then opt to use just a washcloth to clean your dog?s face and avoid getting water into their ears and eyes. You can find though eye gels that will protect your dog?s eyes and ear solutions that ensure the ear will be dry after the bath. Rinse thoroughly after applying shampoo and conditioner (optional). Your dog?s skin will itch if you don?t rinse properly. Dry your dog with a towel and you may even use a hairdryer. Using the hairdryer all the time is not advisable for this could dry your dog?s hair. Brush your dog?s hair if it needs one.

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