Dog Care Tips 4

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Dog Care Tips 4

by Eric Hartwell

Gather everything you need

It is best that before getting your dog onto the tub or wash basin, you have everything that you will need in order. Remember that you need to watch over your dog while giving him a bath in case he wants to escape. With your full attention upon your dog, you wouldn?t have the luxury of time to be looking for the stuff that you need to use and it is practical for these items to be within arm?s reach.

Also, most dogs would sense that they will be having a bath especially if they hear the sound of running water. Fill the tub ahead with water to avoid further struggles with your pet. Ensure that the water is lukewarm, neither hot nor cold. Dogs just like humans dislike having cold baths.

When thinking of buying a dog

There are numerous questions that you and your family need to answer before you make the decision to buy a particular breed. First, you have to decide on whether you will be purchasing a male or female dog. You also have to determine how much quality time you or any family member could spend with the dog. Some dogs are very playful and require some play time. There are also certain breeds that are very reliant on their masters and if you can only provide a limited time with them choose those types which are independent. Time spent is also important with regards to training your pooch. If you don?t have the patience and the time to train, choose a breed that is easily trainable.

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