Dog Care Tips 5

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Dog Care Tips 5

by Eric Hartwell

Stop your dog marking his scent in your house

A simple little trick that can keep your dog from marking certain areas of your house is to place items that he has respect for in specific areas. For example, just by placing his food dish or water bowl next to an area that he may have marked will prevent him from marking that area again. This is because dogs are naturally clean animals and do not want soil the areas in which they sleep or eat.

The following signs may mean yoir dog is being affected by the heat

If your dog is staggering around; his panting is heavier than normal and may have a slight rasping sound to it; he seems overly anxious with a delirious expression on his face; the skin is very warm to the touch as well as dry; he seem weak yet restless; he has a fever higher than 104?F; he has inappropriate salivation; he has unexpected diarrhea mixed with vomiting as well.

Help your puppy to avoid attentions seeking

Show your puppy that the way for him to get your attention is through positive behavior. The best time to do this is when he is calm and resting or chewing on a bone peacefully. Slowly go to him and give him a gentle pat or a soft belly rub while whispering a warm praise. Eventually, your puppy will realize that being calm and quiet is what gets him the attention he wants. He will then repeat the behavior of what you are paying attention to.

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