Dog Care Tips 6

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Dog Care Tips 6

by Eric Hartwell

Why your dog eats fast

In older times, dogs and their wolf-kind hunted in packs and knew that they may not find prey for several days at a time. Their bodies were able to go this distance of time with full efficiency so long as they had fed in large quantities before having to fast while hunting. The leaders always ate first. They also devoured the biggest pieces of meat, while the lesser ranked pack members ended up with just the leftovers. This instinct for survival carries on today which is why your dog may appear to gobbe his food down.

Some dogs do not like their ears rubbed

Did you know that some dogs cannot stand the feeling of people rubbing and grabbing at their ears? While it's true that the ears can be a soft spot for many dogs, which when rubbed will make a dog melt like butter, but on the other end of the spectrum there are dogs which become very aggressive if their ears are touched.This is normal for some dogs and does not mean they are bad or aggressive dogs.

Some dogs have a false pregnancy

Did you know that many female dogs can have one false pregnancy after another? Not all female dogs are created equal - there are some that have a nurturing drive so tremendous that they can show signs of a false pregnancy after every astral cycle. What can cause a dog to have a false pregnancy? The current research studies offer the notion that false pregnancies are the result of a major hormonal imbalance. Female dogs that have this condition on an ongoing basis tend to ovulate longer than the standard four-to-five week period.

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