Dog Care Tips 7

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Dog Care Tips 7

by Eric Hartwell

Your dog may shy away from you

One of the main reasons that some dogs shy away from having their ears touched or rubbed is because of the height factor. Typically, strangers who approach a dog and attempt to rub or touch his ears are of much greater height than the dog is. And if he has a dominant personality, then this dog will experience anxiety and defensiveness due to the looming presence of this stranger above him.

Your dog may mark his territory

One very popular way a dog communicates with the outside world is by marking his territory. This is called scent marking. This is quite obvious when a dog owner moves into a new house and notices that his house trained pet is urinating in different areas of the inside. Although your dog knows to go to the bathroom outside, he uses scent marking as a communication tool to let others know, as well as to remind himself, that this is his new ?territory?. When a dog uses scent marking, he is also helping himself feel more comfortable and confident about where he is located.

Don't shout when training your puppy

A misconception when it comes to training a young puppy is the idea that you must have a very loud and authoritative voice when giving commands. This is not necessary. And of course, if your commands are too loud and too scary to the young pup, he is sure to walk away from you. All you have to do is be firm but loving. Dog training does not have to be rough.

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