Dog Care Tips 8

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Dog Care Tips 8

by Eric Hartwell

How your dog marks his scent

Although spraying urine is the most common form of scent marking, some dogs may rub up against objects such as furniture, walls, and other vertical objects, in order to spread his scent. This behavior is very similar to what cats prefer to do when it comes to scent marking. However, as great as it would be for dogs to only rub up against objects, most prefer the act of urination.

Rub your dog's tummy!

Do you know the one place where you can rub your dog that will make him curl up in a ball of ecstasy? You guessed it, his belly! Dogs absolutely love when they get their tummy's rubbed and can even be put to sleep that way. I have successfully made my Chihuahuas snooze by rubbing their bellies in just 10 minutes! Many dogs will literally roll on their backs, put their paws up, and demand that you rub their belly.

Take care with heights

Most dogs have absolutely no fear of heights. Ignorance is truly bliss when it comes to this kind of outdoor danger because a dog will literally walk along the side of a mile high cliff without one bit of concern of falling. And once they begin to slip away and lose their footing there is very little that they can do in order to stop themselves from going over the side. Also, many areas along the edges of the cliffs may be hidden by snow covering which makes it easier for a dog to make a fatal mistake.

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