Dog Care Tips 9

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Dog Care Tips 9

by Eric Hartwell

Get your puppy to ?come?

By spending a lot of time alone with your new puppy you will slowly start to create a bond with him which will build a connection that will last a lifetime. One of the first things that you will want to engage in when it comes to training your puppy is to get him to follow you from room to room around the house. When you walk away from your puppy and he begins to crawl in the direction that your feet are going, start repetitively speaking the words ?Come, Let's Go?. Move quickly yet be sure that he can still see where you're going

Take care hiking in forests

The natural woodlands and deep forests can be some of the most exciting terrain for your dog to explore. There are endless adventures to uncover and natural curiosities everywhere your dog turns. However, because the forest contains plenty of mammal life, it makes for great hunting and trapping. And this presents a life-threatening danger to your dog if you are exploring terrain that should be off-limits.

Avoid using guilt when training your puppy

In order to step in and start puppy training successfully, be sure to do so without the use of guilt. This is another falsehood that many inexperienced dog owners tend to follow. They think that by using guilt it is going to make more of an impact on their puppy. In a way, they are right ? an impact will surely be made and it will not be a positive one!

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