Dog Carriers For Your Pampered Dog

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Dog Carriers For Your Pampered Dog

by Eric Hartwell

Dog carriers are bags especially designed to carry your dog around when you are out in town and do not want to leave him behind. But since carrying dogs is also fad nowadays, you can carry your dog around with you just for fun! Dog carriers look very much like big bags, but they function as small havens for your beloved pets. They are padded on the inside and have a removable and washable bottom pad for easy cleaning. The bottom is sturdier and more secured and the straps are attached more securely when compared to the common bag. All these are specifically designed to carry a small dog around the city. These dog carriers also come in different styles, colors and materials. You can choose from a wide range of bags to suit your dog and even yourself!

Tips on Buying Dog Carriers:

When buying dog carriers, make sure that the bottom of the bag is sturdy enough to hold your dog inside of it. The removable pad at the bottom should be washable and should also be made of a material to which the fur would not stick. The inside of the bag should also be padded to provide your dog with comfort and warmth. There should be no protruding plastic or any hardware that could harm your dog.

Since there are a wide variety of dog carriers to choose from, it is usually wise to buy not just one of them. Some celebrities wear bags which match their clothes. If you also have the luxury of purchasing more than one dog carrier, do so. You can also try matching the dog carrier with the clothes you?re wearing. But if you think just one is enough for you, try going for dog carriers which are made of leather. Leather suits almost any color and style of clothes.

Last but not the least you should make sure that your dog is comfortable when inside the dog carrier. He should first be trained to stay calm while inside it. One tip on training him is by giving him kindly praises when he stays put or giving him doggie treats when he does not try to jump out of the carrier.

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