Dog Carriers and Dog Collars Two Ways to Safety

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Dog Carriers and Dog Collars Two Ways to Safety

by Grant Carroll

A good pet carrier and collar are two important investments in your cat or dog?s safety that you will never regret. In today?s fast paced world, owners need a way to transport their canines or animals with them in the safest way possible. The high amount of car traffic has led to may a little dog?s death from getting hit by a car. A quality carrier and collar are two items that will ensure your furry baby is kept safe from these and other dangers of every day life. This is especially true if you and your pooch live in a city. Still, even less dense populations can be dangerous.

A pet carrier will help your dog or cat in several ways. First of all, it will keep them safe during air and car travel. Pets could harm themselves if left loose in a car, and they aren?t allowed to be loose in an airplane, so a quality carrier is essential. Secondly, if you have to walk your pet a long distance but you?re concerned that they?ll be too tired to make the whole trip, taking them in a bag or pet stroller will ensure they are kept safe from harm. It can also protect from extreme heat or cold by insulating the carrier and putting a hot or cold pack in with your baby. Carrying your dog will help you, too since the added weight to walking will be good exercise. This is ideal only when you have a smaller breed animal, though. Any dog or cat over ten pounds is going to wear you out quick.

A dog collar is much more than an aesthetic addition to your canine?s appearance. Most urban communities have leash laws making a good collar and lead a requirement. Since you have to get one anyway, you might as well get a designer collar that looks good on your dog and matches his or her poochie style. If your loveable mutt is bad to the bone, then perhaps a black leather collar with metal studs is appropriate. There are many different designs of collars for the creative and artistic canine, and there are always the basic cotton collars made in solid colors. All of these varieties are usually available for harnesses as well.

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