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Dog Carriers

by Eric Hartwell

Celebrities are not just for our entertainment. They are not there just to provide us with the latest gossip, the most shocking scandals and even the worst flops ever! Celebrities have a thing for setting up new fads, new trends and new styles in fashion, behavior and even our speech. When celebrities did it, the masses followed. This has always been the trend in our society.

When celebrities wear a certain dress, a sexy pair of jeans or a branded shirt, people who adore them flock to the stores to find the same goodies and wear them. A pair of shoes, boots or sandals worn by a celebrity will find its way into the closet of millions of other girls. Bags, belts, jewelries and other accessories also follow the same line. That?s why, when a certain celebrity named Paris Hilton decided to carry her dog around in a bag, the idea struck like lightning.

Soon after, dog carriers became all the rage. Now they can be likened to an item of fashion. Even dogs themselves are seen as a fashion accessory. But now the carriers they are in can be seen in this light also. Carriers come in various shapes and sizes. You can choose from a variety of patterns and designs - big ones, small ones, strong ones, dainty ones. The choice is unlimited.

Now you can have your dog with you whenever you want and he doesn't even have to walk! Of course, smaller dogs are best suited to a carrier and in fact the smaller dog is best suited for a fashion accessory if that is what is needed. Prices for carriers, like anything else, depend on the style, shape, size and the manufacturer. Shopping around will find you the best deals available and the internet is always a good place to start.

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