Dog Clicker Training Discover This Revolutionary System to Train Your Dog

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Dog Clicker Training Discover This Revolutionary System to Train Your Dog

by Jim S Smith

The term clicker training is the popular and widely used name for an animal training method that is based upon many years of research into finding how animals, particularly domestic pets, acquire learnt behavior.

Animal behavioral researchers have discovered that any animal, e.g. a dog, is more likely to acquire and retain particular behaviors when the pet receives an enjoyable or desired outcome from behaving in a particular way. What this means in real-life dog clicker training is that the trainer rewards the dog with an action, desired by the animal, when the dog behaves in a way the trainer is trying to teach the animal.

The process of rewarding an animal when teaching behavior is called reinforcement. Dog clicker training is known as a positive reinforcement based method of training. Domestic pets and indeed humans, often link events, places, actions, people, and/or objects with a particular consequence or set of consequences, sometimes pleasant and sometimes not.

These links between particular events or actions etc. and a specific consequence are stronger when the link is perceived by an animal to be particularly certain. A quick example? the link between it raining outside and getting wet is usually certain.

The main reason dog clicker training and alternative reward training methods are different is that the dog is taught specifically and exactly which behavior will earn him/her the desired reward.

This specific behavior/reward method is taught to the dog with an unusual and exact noise, the click. The dog trainer makes the click when the dog displays the desired behavior. The dog trainer then gives the reward desired by the dog.

The critical reason for the click made by the trainer is that for the dog it links the behavior and receiving the desired reward. If the click was absent the dog may well link receiving the desired reward with a different behavior.

The use of a click enables the dog trainer to exactly indicate to the dog which behavior results in the dog receiving the desired reward. In this way, dog clicker training is a way that an owner can communicate with their dog.

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Jim S Smith enjoys training his dog and writing.

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