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Dog Containment Options

by Eric Morris

A pet's safety lies entirely upon owners and they are wholly responsible towards safeguarding a pet's interest. When pets venture out of safe zones they may damage a neighbor's property, soil the sidewalk or choose to bite innocent bystanders upon finding themselves in an unknown territory. When pets are lost, it is a highly distressing event for both pets and their owners. Dog containment options are many and customers may decide upon a type that suit a pet's temperament and solve the purpose.

In case of disciplined and older dogs, simple dog kennels can be a containment option. More often than not they are satisfied living in such doghouses that heighten a sense of belonging and comfort. For pet owners with mobile homes or those who are required to travel extensively, pet barriers can be setup in vehicles. This creates an area for the dog, which prevents them from distracting the driver. Dog tieouts can be used when taking dogs for a walk. When selecting, it is advisable to consider the dog's weight. They are made of rust proof material and can be used all round the year. The open end can be tied around trees or fixed in the ground. This allows pets to play around with an extended leash around their necks without limiting their options and are similar to dog runners. Pet owners can control cable extensions in pet runners.

A dog trolley system is a leash that is attached to a rolling trolley. This permits dogs to run back and forth along the entire length of the leash. Within the house pet owners may choose to place scatmats at places to restrict dogs from entering a certain area. These are fitted with wires and are battery operated. When dogs step upon them, they emit mild shocks. People may also opt to install dog fences or indoor/outdoor electronic fences that need to be buried underground. For certain pets, dog door and gates suffice in containing them, as they are satisfied with their share of freedom.

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